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Are you looking to watch something on your Friday evening with your loved one? Are you looking to watch a romantic web series? You can watch 3 Roses. It is a comedy-drama series that will keep you and your loved one entertained for the rest of your weekend.

You can stream this web series exclusively on the website. Watch only eight episodes of the series on aha and sort your weekend. Along with this web series, you can also find several best Indian movies on the platform aha.

The cast of 3 Roses

3 roses is the latest addition to the popular platform aha. The director of the movie is Maggi. The cast of choice who have performed in this Wonderful Web series are EeshaRebba, Payal Rajput, Purnaa, Ishan, Prince, SangeetShoban, Viva Harsha, Satyam Rajesh, Hema, GoparajuRamana, Sarayu Roy, Nag Mahesh, Ravi Varma, and Saurab

The three lead roles in the web series have been played by EeshaRebba, Payal Rajput, and Purnaa.

The plot of 3 Roses

The plot of the web series 3 roses centers around three best friends, EeshaRebba, Payal Rajput, and Poorna. These three friends are reunited in the web series as their respective families call them back to their home city Hyderabad to get the girls married and settled in life.

The rest of the web series deals with this process and presents The girls’ take on relationships and marriage.

What to expect from 3 Roses

Viewers of 3 roses get to experience fine and powerful performances from the lead female cast. Even though the web series deals with quite an interesting and powerful emotional situation, there are several comical releases that are strategically placed throughout the web series.

The movie presents a fresh perspective from the eyes of the lead cast. The narration that is presented in the story makes the series quite an interesting watch for all viewers.

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